Why We Founded TPC: Building the Partner We Wanted to Hire

In the dynamic realms of infrastructure technology, it’s not uncommon to encounter firms struggling to find a consulting partner who consistently delivers transformative results. This was a challenge my partner Braden and I faced while managing large-scale infrastructures. Our teams were talented, but something crucial was always missing — an expert to accelerate this, a team to offload that – a partner capable of elevating our operations to the next level. We ultimately turned to freelancer communities to meet specific needs but this was time-consuming for an already busy team. We recognized the unique opportunity to provide this type of service for organizations like ours.

Our Founding Philosophy: TPC emerged to fill a critical market void, aiming to be the consulting firm we always needed. Our company is grounded in the pursuit of innovation and unwavering commitment to client success. Every stage of our work is guided by these core values:

  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit: We tackle every challenge with the mindset of being the ultimate safety net, fostering a proactive and decisive approach to problem-solving.
  2. Check it at the Door: Our culture thrives on humility and adaptability—embracing every necessary task with a can-do attitude. We are not there to replace our customers’ engineers, only to speed them up or offload them and then move on.
  3. Maniacal Execution: We set ambitious goals and surpass them by embracing radical innovation and striving for exceptional performance.

Unified Vision and Strengths: Our partnership thrives on shared values and a bedrock philosophy that galvanize our complementary skill sets. Braden’s profound technical knowledge, combined with my strategic insights and talent for scaling dynamic teams, creates a collaborative environment wherein we transform visionary ideas into tangible success.

Our Approach to Service: We’re pathfinders, and the process of creating new inroads isn’t just about business transactions. We are dedicated to truly helping our customers, tackling projects that solve the most critical challenges. Our ability to deliver extraordinary value builds trust that has turned many clients into long-term partners and friends.

Unique Approach to Problem-Solving: What makes us unique is our ability to recognize and address underlying political or process issues that can sometimes masquerade as technical challenges. Our neutral “there to leave” stance and pragmatic approach enables us to facilitate better teamwork and collaboration, and turn competing priorities into win/win outcomes. This approach is integral to our methodology and is actively sought in every engagement. We don’t have to worry about what happens after we complete a mission: If we do it right, every job nets a few more referrals.

Conclusion: The inception of Technology Pathfinders Consulting was more than just a business initiative; it was a commitment to a novel approach to consulting—one that ensures our clients have a steadfast partner ready to take on their most daunting challenges. Each partnership renews our passion and commitment to setting new standards that delight our customers and friends.

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