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DevOps Transformation


Automation is the key to operating a cloud service. Get help from a team that has made the transition. From specific tasks that need automation to a comprehensive automation strategy, we have the expertise to help you and your team accelerate your transformation to DevOps.

Project Delivery

Delivery of an automation project to help your team get over the hump. This is typically work that your team could do, but does not have the bandwidth to focus on.


Building or enhancing your automation strategy. Strategy development often starts with an assessment and concludes with the delivery of a strategic plan to achieve automation goals.


We review current deployment techniques, automation capabilities and plans. Deliverable is a report and scorecard to prioritize opportunities and build a baseline to measure progress against.


Delivery of a set of automation workstreams and training to help accelerate your automation objectives.

Agile Toolchains

Your toolchain should seamlessly support the way that your team collaborates. We help you design and implement your dream toolchain. Toolchains are the systems that define “how” your team delivers code. From the way work is received, prioritized and managed to the machinery involved in testing and packaging a release, your toolchain is either supporting your goals or getting in the engineers’ way.


We help your developers and teams get the most out of their new or existing tools, ensuring that the tools save more time and focus than they consume.

Tool Implementation

Migrating existing projects and data into a new tool can be cumbersome, with very little learning value to your team. Let your experts focus on what only they can do while our experts perform the one-off tasks.


Need a new build tool to report changes into the existing ITSM system, or route into an existing system for approval? We can help!


We track the life of an idea, from initial concept to production release. Deliverable is a report and scorecard to help build a baseline to measure progress against.

Cloud Technology Alignment

Cloud Migration

Moving apps to cloud providers promises simplified operations and pay-as-you-grow economics. We can take you there. Lift-and-shift is rarely the most efficient way to move an application and its data into cloud hosting. Let us help you move in the most beneficial way.


We analyze your target applications and project the results. Deliverable is a Cloud TCO analysis and analysis of the impact of migrating the applications to security, performance and operations.

Migration Services

We perform migrations for your team. This one-time work is necessary but may distract your engineers from more important goals.


Our team can migrate datasets and application functions from legacy on-prem solutions into SaaS replacements.

Solution Engineering

Some applications move more easily than others. Let us develop a plan for sensitive, proprietary or outdated applications which can be executed by your team or ours.

Cloud Optimization

Already in the Cloud? Let experienced, fresh eyes help cut down your bills. Pricing for cloud services can be complex, leading to unexpectedly high costs in categories like network transit or transactions. There are often multiple ways to consume cloud services with different cost profiles.


Saving money in the cloud can be about behavior as much as it is about technology. Let us build a dashboard that encourages efficient utilization of cloud resources for your team.

Capacity Planning

Cloud Resources are easy to provision, and they can multiply fast. Let us help optimize future spend by planning for long-term committed capacity at lower rates.


Right-sizing VMs, migrating data to more cost-efficient storage, configuring direct connections for data, etc. We can help save more money than leaving the task on your team’s back burner.


We review both your service bills and the vital metrics of your cloud-hosted resources. Deliverable is a report of potential savings and scorecard to help build a baseline to measure progress against.

Engineering Agility and Transformation

Continuous Delivery

Automated build and delivery can seem far, far away. Get help from a team that has made the transition. Projects often begin their life as proof-of-concept work, where time-to-market beats all other considerations. We can help take your projects from PoC or legacy build methods into automatically tested, clean building masterpieces.

Training and Design

Your engineers may be working in a new mode for the first time. Moving from monthly or quarterly release cycles to automated, continuous builds is a huge learning curve. We can help.

Gap Filling

We can help build out your automated test suite to cover more of your application’s functionality, improving the feedback you get from the automated builds.

Project Delivery

We can update your applications and test them on your agile toolchain. This is valuable work for your team, but they may not have the bandwidth to focus on this.


We dig into your build process and toolchain, and deliver a path to rapid, automated testing and release, which can be implemented by your team or ours.


Most applications start out as monoliths with many functions in one codebase. This happens as a side effect of Conway’s Law, where one or a few initial developers see little value in splitting the code. Later, the monolithic structure makes debugging and splitting the work much more difficult. We can fix it!

API Design

Splitting a large application into multiple services often creates opportunities for new applications to reuse those services. We help design APIs that will stand the test of time.


We can teach your team the value and challenges of microservice architecture. Learning how to test distributed applications is as important as learning how to code them.


We can help to develop split services or the test suites that you need to confidently test them.


We analyze your application and break down the functions into logical components. We then define which are the most valuable to separate out and why.

Service Delivery Optimization

Operational Excellence

Are you having trouble meeting your service level commitments? Do you have defined service level commitments and the data to monitor your compliance? We can help you improve your operations. We can help with Monitoring, Process (creation or improvement), Organizational effectiveness, Service Level Agreements, and Dashboards to help you help you achieve expectation alignment and keep score to know where you stand.


Building or enhancing your monitoring strategy. Strategy development often starts with an assessment and concludes with the delivery of a strategic plan to achieve monitoring goals.


Build a dashboard to track keep score. We can build internal facing and customer facing dashboards for your operations management and your customers to track progress.

Process and SLA

Inventory , creation, enhancement, and tracking current operational processes. OLAs and SLAs.


Methodology based approach to reviewing operations capabilities and plans. Deliverable is a report and scorecard to build a baseline to measure progress against.

Cost to Serve

Cost is a key element in the success of any business. We can help you understand where your costs are coming from and build plans to help mitigate them. From Assessments to long term strategic plans, these services are designed to help you understand and mitigate your costs from today and those that will be coming in the future.

Cost Improvement Plan

Delivery of a set of short to medium term workstreams to take cost out of your service.

Strategic Scalability Plan

Delivery of a long term strategic scalability plan to optimize costs for scale and long term profitability.<br />

CTS Model

Delivery of a detailed cost to serve model for your service. Metholodogy based approach to<br /> understand the architecture of the service and the organization and model costs over time and scale.


Methodology based approach to reviewing holistic cost to serve for your service. Deliverable is a report, and scorecard to help build a baseline to measure progress against.

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