Our Impact

Founded in 2016, Technology Pathfinders Consulting (TPC) brings deep expertise in multi-cloud infrastructure, application integration, global network transformation, and AI-driven solutions. We provide comprehensive DevOps services, specializing in seamless migrations, efficient deployments, and robust infrastructure development, ensuring your business is optimally positioned to excel in the dynamic digital landscape.

We deliver results.

  • 80% year-on-year reduction in outage minutes for a major hotel chain, dramatically improving reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced deployment times from 3+ weeks with human interaction to 45-minutes fully automated for an S&P 500 healthcare provider.
  • Reduced deployment times from 2+ weeks to a few hours automating firewall and load balancer processes for an S&P 500 investment bank.
  • Averted service shutdown and ensured zero user downtime conducting a CDN migration for a major public cloud provider.
  • Reduced configuration load by 87% eliminating CMDB errors for a Big 4 management consulting firm.

Why partner with us?

  • Proven Success: We ensure seamless transitions that maintain operational continuity for our clients, from urgent CDN migrations to complex network overhauls.
  • Legendary Focus: Our targeted solutions are crafted to turbocharge infrastructure reliability and operational excellence, ensuring you stay ahead in a fast-evolving digital landscape.
  • Unique Drive: We are committed to rapid, sustainable solutions that elevate your business performance and competitive edge.

Check out our case studies for more insight into how we can optimize your cloud infrastructure.

From vision to impact, to success.

Pioneering A Next-gen Storage Platform
Enhancing Infrastructure Reliability for Global Hotel Chain
Seamless CDN Migration for
Major Cloud Provider
Network Upgrade for a Prestigious Private University
Automation of DevOps Deployment for Leading Cloud Provider
Streamlined CMDB Integration for
Big 4 Management Consulting Firm
Accelerating Production Deployments for S&P 500 Investment Bank
Revolutionizing Legacy Systems for S&P 500 Healthcare Provider

Consult us on your next project.

We offer tailored advice and custom solutions that align with your unique business challenges and objectives. Whether you’re exploring new technologies, aiming to improve operational efficiency, or seeking to innovate within your industry, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your business with our DevOps expertise.

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