Streamlined CMDB Integration for Big 4 Management Consulting Firm


CLIENT: Renowned Big 4 Management Consulting firm


The client’s IT team faced significant challenges with their Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in ServiceNow. Issues included slow performance, a high incidence of duplicate records, and unreliable data, which hindered operational efficiency and the reliability of IT service management.


To address these issues, our cloud consulting firm conducted a thorough health assessment of the existing CMDB system. Collaborating closely with the client’s integrating teams, we implemented the latest ServiceNow enhancements tailored to their specific needs. This upgrade focused on refining CMDB integrations to prevent the entry of new duplicates and correct existing data discrepancies. Our approach included:

  • Conducting detailed audits to identify sources of duplicate and erroneous entries.
  • Updating integration practices and workflows to leverage ServiceNow’s advanced features.
  • Training the IT staff on best practices for maintaining CMDB integrity.


Our intervention led to a dramatic reduction in CMDB entries, decreasing from nearly 30 million to just 4 million by eliminating duplicates and erroneous data. This cleanup significantly enhanced the performance and trustworthiness of the CMDB, improving overall IT service management. Additionally, our efforts facilitated better cooperation among various IT teams, fostering a more collaborative and efficient work environment.


Our CMDB (Configuration Management Database) optimization services focus on enhancing system performance and data reliability for large organizations. We provide comprehensive assessments and upgrades using the latest technological advancements, such as ServiceNow, to streamline CMDB integrations. Our approach ensures the elimination of duplicate and erroneous entries, significantly improving the accuracy and trustworthiness of data. By optimizing CMDB systems, we help businesses achieve better operational efficiency and IT service management, enabling them to maintain a clean, efficient, and reliable IT infrastructure.

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