Seamless CDN Migration for
Major Cloud Provider


CLIENT: Large public cloud provider


When StackPath CDN was acquired and abruptly shut down, our client – a prominent public cloud provider – was left in a precarious position. With infrastructure supporting their customer-facing services suddenly compromised, the challenge was to secure and transition to a new CDN provider swiftly to prevent any service disruption.


A Comprehensive Rapid Response Strategy

To address the urgent need, our response was multifaceted:

  1. Immediate Needs Assessment – Quick evaluation of essential technical and business requirements to maintain uninterrupted services.
  2. Strategic Partner Evaluation – Thorough vetting of potential new CDN providers to ensure compatibility and performance expectations were met.
  3. Collaborative Transition Planning – Detailed planning with the client’s technical and business teams to ensure a seamless migration.
  4. Execution and Support – Implementing the migration with ongoing support to optimize the new setup for sustained performance.


Zero Disruption with Maximum Efficiency

The migration was executed flawlessly with no downtime, ensuring the client’s customers experienced no disruption in service. This seamless transition not only maintained the client’s service reliability but also reinforced their market position as a dependable provider capable of managing critical infrastructure challenges effectively.

  • Customer Experience: The client’s end-users continued to enjoy stable and reliable services without any noticeable changes.
  • Operational Improvement: The transition to a more robust CDN provider enhanced the scalability and reliability of the client’s infrastructure.
  • Business Advantage: This proactive approach and successful migration solidified the client’s reputation for reliability and customer-centric solutions in cloud services.


CDN Service Migration entails transitioning content delivery services from one provider to another whenever a company needs to improve performance or reduce costs. Our team will assess your current needs, select a new provider, configure and test with the new setup, migrate any stored content, update DNS records to reroute traffic, and continuously monitor for optimization. We ensure seamless transitions at each step of this process that improve content delivery performance without disrupting the user experience.

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