Revolutionizing Legacy Systems for S&P 500 Healthcare Provider


CLIENT: Leading S&P 500 Healthcare Provider


This healthcare provider faced significant challenges with their legacy system deployments. Each IT team worked in silos, utilizing different point solutions like Delphix for database virtualization, vRealize Suite, and Ansible for deployments. This disjointed approach led to extended delays, with deployments taking weeks as tasks languished in team queues. The lack of integration and automation in their deployment processes resulted in inefficiencies that hindered their ability to rapidly respond to development needs.


Our firm was engaged to streamline and enhance the efficiency of these legacy systems. We began by integrating the disparate systems into a cohesive platform, ensuring each component could interact seamlessly with the others. We then worked closely with each team to automate their segments of the deployment process, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. Training sessions were conducted to empower each team with the skills necessary to maintain and manage their parts of the system effectively.


Our integration and automation efforts dramatically improved the deployment times of legacy application stacks in the development environment – from over three weeks to just 45 minutes. Our solution accelerated deployment and enhanced reliability and consistency across processes. This success led to the healthcare provider initiating a new project aimed at integrating these improvements with developer testing processes, enabling environments to be automatically built as new code is committed.


Our team specializes in integrating disparate automation tools and processes to streamline deployment cycles and improve operational efficiency, thereby modernizing legacy IT systems. We train teams to maintain and manage their components effectively, ensuring deployments shift from being time-intensive to being fast and efficient. Our service reduces deployment times dramatically, facilitating a seamless transition to automated environments that support continuous integration and delivery. This approach optimizes IT operations and enhances the agility and responsiveness of businesses facing technological challenges.

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