Network Upgrade for a Prestigious Private University


CLIENT: One of the oldest private universities in the United States


The university faced a significant challenge in refreshing their entire network infrastructure, including routers and switches, without disrupting student access. Initially, a full forklift upgrade was considered, but the risk of substantial downtime and potential disruption to educational activities made this approach too hazardous.


To meet the university’s needs, our firm devised a strategy to overhaul the existing network infrastructure with minimal impact. We collaborated closely with the College Network Team to transform the original forklift upgrade plan into a series of rapid, smaller-scale upgrades. This approach involved methodically cutting over from old to new systems building by building, which minimized both impact and risk. Our meticulous planning and execution ensured that each phase of the upgrade was tailored to the specific needs and activities of the university, allowing continuous access to network resources for all users.


The network upgrade was a resounding success, marked by seamless integration and minimal disruption to campus activities. The success of this project led the university to engage our services again for a subsequent wireless network upgrade, which was similarly successful. This approach not only revitalized the university’s network infrastructure but also strengthened their trust in our ability to manage complex IT transformations.


Ideal for institutions and organizations needing to update critical network components without affecting daily operations, our approach guarantees both immediate improvements and long-term network resilience. We offer specialized network upgrade services designed to modernize and enhance IT infrastructure with minimal operational disruption. By implementing a phased approach to system upgrades, we ensure continuous accessibility and reduced risk across complex environments. This service includes collaboration with in-house IT teams to tailor each upgrade phase, prioritizing seamless integration and system reliability.

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