Enhancing Infrastructure Reliability for Global Hotel Chain


CLIENT: A prominent hotel chain with thousands of locations worldwide


Our client, a major global hotel chain, was experiencing critical challenges with their reservation system due to the rapid growth of their services and features. The existing infrastructure and operational capabilities were inadequate, leading to frequent and significant system outages. Additionally, communication gaps had resulted in various issues including design flaws, reliability problems, and capacity limitations, severely impacting guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.


We deployed a team of seasoned experts specializing in software development, systems and network infrastructure, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and incident management. Our team provided a comprehensive assessment of the existing infrastructure to identify the root causes of the outages and inefficiencies. Following this assessment, we provided targeted guidance on pragmatic changes and the standardization of processes. Key design issues were thoroughly documented, then effective solutions were developed and shared across the client’s teams to ensure widespread improvements and sustainable practices.


One year after implementing our recommendations, the client reported an 80% reduction in the total number of outage-minutes year-over-year. This dramatic improvement not only stabilized the reservation system, but also enhanced overall reliability and capacity, significantly boosting guest experiences and business continuity.


This service is designed to ensure that operational disruptions are minimized, and system outages are significantly reduced, enabling smoother and more efficient business operations. Our firm specializes in diagnosing and resolving critical reliability issues, providing advanced software development, systems and network infrastructure expertise, and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Our approach includes a thorough assessment of existing conditions, followed by pragmatic changes and standardization of processes to improve design, reliability, and capacity.

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