Accelerating Production Deployments for S&P 500 Investment Bank


CLIENT: S&P 500 Investment Bank


The client faced significant delays in their network and security deployment processes, particularly in QA and production environments. While DevOps and Agile methodologies had reduced deployment times to mere minutes in development environments, deployments in QA and Production were still taking weeks. The manual configuration of firewalls and load balancers was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, resulting in further delays as failed changes awaited new maintenance windows.


Our team collaborated closely with the client’s security and network teams to overhaul their deployment and validation procedures. By identifying key opportunities for automation, we developed a comprehensive strategy to automate both the deployment processes and the checks within their approval workflows. This strategy enabled real-time visibility into approval checks for current and past deployments, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.


The implementation of our automation solutions transformed the client’s deployment operations. Production deployments that previously took weeks can now be executed on the same night they are approved, complete with full network and firewall support. This rapid deployment capability allowed developers to enforce the same firewall rules in non-production environments, significantly reducing errors by testing earlier in the process. Additionally, the automation system included features like automatic renewal of SSL certificates, eliminating the need for manual intervention and further streamlining the client’s operations.


Our firm provides comprehensive DevOps automation services, optimizing network and security processes for financial institutions. We integrate advanced automation into deployment and validation procedures, significantly accelerating the transition from development to production environments. This service streamlines approval processes, enhances operational reliability, and ensures real-time monitoring and compliance. This approach reduces deployment times, minimizes errors and enhances security measures, allowing for a more agile and secure IT infrastructure.

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