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Who we are

We are veterans of big time, mission critical, hyper scale systems. We have experience with service providers like AT&T, Cingular, BellSouth, and Brighthouse Networks. Additionally we have experience working in numerous technology companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Skype, Amazon, EMC, VMware, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. In those roles from our past we have seen a lot of varied infrastructures, services, systems, and technologies and we have made them all work.


We have done a number of amazing things over the past few years. Working inside or creating service providers over the past 20 years, we have encountered many opportunities to make a difference to the businesses where we were engaged. Here are some examples:

Transformed cloud services from missing SLAs every time to meeting and exceeding them every time.

Automated end to end infrastructure deployment, management, and service deployment.

Launched new cloud services: CloudFoundry, vCHS/vCloud Air, Horizon, Virtustream Storage Cloud

Successful Crisis management of cloud services to recover from massive infrastructure quality issues.

Built data-centers and networks all over the world (US, Europe, Asia, Australia)

Built a CI/CD Toolchains and engineering capabilities to continuously deploy code into production into mission critical services with very high SLA requirements with high reliability

Created cloud service security and compliance programs and attainment of numerous certifications across dozens of cloud services (ISO27001, SSAE16, HITRUST, ITAR, FEDRAMP, FISMA, PCI, CSA STAR, and others).

Built devops teams and toolchains and integrated them to ITSM (ServiceNow and others)

Drove economic transformation on existing cloud services

Developed economic models to show business projections of cloud services as they scale with differing architectural options to guide decision making


It started with building a great team all over the world. It also required building relationships with industry groups and founder level experts in numerous technologies that we used to as components in the cloud services we built and created. We build a continuous transformation culture that let us drive our agility to levels that we could hardly imagine when we first got started but then required as time and new challenges arose. We used principles of dev/ops and CI/CD to drive execution of our teams and the continuous advancement of the team’s capabilities.



We started from the premise that we wanted to create a company that WE would have wanted to engage in our previous roles running cloud service provider organizations. We realized that we needed help along the way and it was frankly very difficult to find. We specifically needed the kind of help that multiplies the impact of the best people. We realized we had discovered a method of finding people and building cultures that can help virtually any technical organization. We also firmly believe that our mission is to help the existing team get better, to get further down the path they are on, and to then leave them better off for the engagement. In short, we have been in the role of running these operations and engineering shops and we wanted to use our experience to truly help others who are in similar roles.



We are a force multiplier for your best people. We can truly help them be more effective and relieve the bottlenecks in your technology organizations. We do this in a way that is enabling for your team. It is this philosophy that differentiates TPC from other firms. We have a unique and very capable team that can adapt to help solve most any technology problem with very senior level expertise. We add way more on the value side of the equation than our cost. Our repeat customers are our best indicator of our value and for that we are eternally grateful. We are nimble and flexible and will work with you to find a project that adds the maximum value. Last but not least, we know a few things, because we have seen a few things.

Your talent, focused; your ideas, faster

Let us be your technology expedition guides

We will make your team better, then get out of their way